dog in black=rockie

HardRockie= DaBlackKing=

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

1st post

Hi. today is my first day here. hope to make some new friends here. My name is Rockie(because i am as hard and tough as a rock). i am about 3 feet tall, muscular and tan(black). my head id bigger than your head and my paw is bigger than your fist. my voice is very manly(rough but loud like bass), that's why my master do not new a sound system and also alarm system at his home. my title is BEWARE OF GUARD DOG(with my picture in it). my working hour bout 9pm till morning. After that my shift is taken over by my partner named Doggie=mini pincher. she is more than 10x smaller than me but her voice is very loud and sharp(doesn't match her size). although she is small but she act like a sensor(when she sense some moving object, she will warn my master family and of course me=RockieDaGreat. i think thats all i can say for now.i will be posting my picture in asap. TQ 4 reading.